Monday, August 1, 2016

The Return of Webster: Part 1

The Return of Webster
Part 1

Douglas was walking in the forest with American Bear.  Suddenly he saw a dark shadow in the forest, it was like black fog moving in the forest.  There was something right in Douglas' face.

The moving shadow said, "Hello Buddy!"

Douglas said, "YOU!"

"My name is Webster," said the moving shadow.  "I was looking for you," said the dark shadow.

"Well, then, come along," said Douglas.

The sky fainted...


Douglas and the group built a tent out of leaves and sap and sticks.  In the morning they made a fire and cooked steak and went fishing.  Soon they noticed that Webster was missing so they went to find him.

They looked everywhere except the campsite.  When they got to the camp site they saw webster roasting the left over steak.

When Webster saw them he said, "Where were you guys?"

"We were fishing with you!  You went home!"

"I was getting tired.  Anyway, let's go to bed.  I am getting tired."

When it was morning American Bear was missing.

Douglas said, "Oh no, not again!"  Douglas found a note.  It said: I went to go fish.

Webster was outside eating mushrooms and steak.  Douglas joined him to eat mushrooms and steak when American Bear came back.

Douglas said, "Do you want some?"

"No thanks," said American Bear, "I am already full of raw fish, but I will have some water."  So Douglas handed American Bear a canteen made out of prickly pear cactus.


Webster was hunting when he saw a bear.  He was frightened, so he pulled out his Winchester and he shot the bear.  So they had bear for dinner and they went back home.

To be continued

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